Nutrition counseling

At Accept Live Love we will work with you on a customized plan that helps you develop healthy eating habits and ultimately achieve your nutrition goals.  We do not have a one size fits all approach and will work with you to achieve a healthy lifestyle, no matter what way of eating works best for you.  Our general philosophy is to focus on a whole foods, and to minimize the intake of processed foods.  We believe that preparing your own food is often the best way to achieve optimal health and will help to make this practical for your lifestyle.

We believe in the philosophy that food is medicine and paired with energy healing we can narrow down what foods are healing for your body and which are toxic.

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Energy Work

Accept Live Love uses a variety of modalities to find what your body, mind, and spirit need most to heal. It is when we treat the whole body that we find alignment and balance. 

Energy Healing can help you with a variety of issues by clearing out mental, emotional and physical obstructions to align in the present moment with awareness and the healing power of peace.

In the present moment, we are alive and connected to all of our healing and creative resources.

What are some issues that can be helped by being more present?

  • Physical pain–by just letting it be the pain reduces in intensity
  • Anxiety and Worry–focusing on the future
  • Low Self-Esteem–caught in past stories
  • Grief–from unfinished past losses
  • Relationship Conflicts–rooted in past behaviors

We often we get caught up in the issues of our lives, our "story" of who we are and of what is happening, and totally miss out on the joy and aliveness of life.

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Emotional counseling and guidance

We all have a story and that story plays over and over again every day of our lives. We get stuck in our heads and most of the time we are on autopilot and our subconscious is playing on a loop something that happened years ago, because it hasn't been able to process it and allow it to be let go.

The brain is a powerhouse and we are only beginning to scratch the surface on our potential. 90% of what you think in a day is what you think every single day.

Would you like a new story to play? Are you tired of being a prisoner to your thoughts?

At Accept Live Love we have been in the trenches with our thoughts and the past. We know shame, guilt, torment, insecurity, hate, disgust, frustration, anger, and emptiness. We know on the other side of that is love, acceptance, freedom, joy, and happiness. You are not alone and there is a solution. With our support we guide you to see a different perspective. We are able to listen and provide insightful support to guide you to develop a new outlook and start shifting your life.

You do not have to fear opening pandoras box and reliving the past to heal.

Yet when you go deeper into the work you come out the other side with a renewed purpose and joy for life.

Our work is a safe environment without judgement so you can really speak freely about what you need to work past with direct support and love.

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Message from Accept Live Love

At Accept Live Love we believe in the power of transformation. That when women are guided to be empowered they can achieve any goal set before them. That women learning creates novelty healing. Accept Live Love isn't your average nutrition consultant, we believe health rest on three pillars: the body, the psyche and the spiritual connection. To ignore any one of them is to invite imbalance and disease. What sets us apart is that we connect to what you are truly looking to heal and encompass all parts of your life to heal.

To regain our health and well-being, we must begin by restoring our energy flow to a natural state of balance, through how we nourish, listen, and take care of our body. Only when we can listen to the body does it allow the body to heal itself. This is done through energy and intuitive work where we connect what your body is needing to heal, from there I bring the spiritual to scientific and identify what and why these foods and modalities are needed, and make recommendations for a more vital life.

Through one on one consulting, Nutrition support and planning, emotional counseling, Trauma support, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming, Intuitive work, a unique gift to read the body and work with energy work to connect to your body to provide support holistically.

Who we best support is women. Women that are tired of not getting where they want to be, where they want to be in their lives, in their bodies, in their minds. Women that are suffering from trauma, chronic pain, disease, pain, unwanted symptoms, and weight. Accept Live Love's unique difference to others is our relentless drive to find what your body, mind, and spirit need to heal and find balance. It is about finding the solution and that is what we have always done, is being a solution finder. We do that by pulling in a variety of modalities to find what your body needs most to find ultimate wellness.

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