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Our Vision

At Accept Live Love everything we do we believe in the power of transformation, through empowerment of women. We believe in a woman's ability to heal and learn from their journey. Guiding women to heal through their trauma and illness to come out the other side in strength and wellness. How we do this is through women learning, novelty healing; in body, mind, and spirit.

Health rests on three pillars: the body, the mind, and the spiritual connection. To ignore any one of them is to invite imbalance and dis-ease.

To regain our health and well-being, we must begin by restoring our energy flow to a natural state of balance, through how we nourish, listen, and take care of our body. Only when we can listen to the body does it allow the body to heal itself. This is done through energy, intuitive, and scientist work where we connect to what your body is needing to heal, from there we bring the spiritual to the scientific and identify what and why these food and modalities are needed, and make recommendation for a more vital life.

About Amy

Amy Kelly NC, NLP is a Nutrition Consultant, Emotional Counselor, Energy and Intuitive worker. She received her schooling from Bauman College. She is trained and certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, with a unique gift to read your body and work with energy work to connect to your body to provide support holistically. Amy is a proud member of National Association of Nutritional Professionals. She practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, which mean that she looks at how all areas of your life are working. She is known for her comprehensive approach that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to align harmony and prevent dis-ease.

Her own personal struggle with health has taught her the ability to empathize with her clients, with a determination to find an effective plan. She knows what it means to be scared, confused, frustrated, to feel hopeless, and afraid. She also knows how much she wanted someone by her side to guide her. That is what she wants to be for you. She wants to be that support so that you can manage your life and your well-being. She will do so with great compassion and understanding, with an unwavering perseverance.


Amy is simply amazing. I have been working with her for a short while now, and I consider myself really healthy. Yet through her individualized food testing for me, she has identified foods that are healing, neutral and toxic to my body. I was shocked at the foods, that we've been taught are healthy for us. We are complex beings, and as such, we have individual needs. Amy's work get down to that kind of detail and specifics for you. She is incredibly gifted, and I assure you, it will be a different experience than you have had with most "nutritionist." I can't say enough about her processes.

Bev, Portland Oregon


Amy changed how I look at my life, she connected to my soul! She goes well beyond nutrition, to speak to your body. She challenged me, but it felt loving and supportive, and I reached goals I haven't in years.

Kristen, Washington


Case Study

My client M.H. has suffered from Fibromyalgia since 2001 but wasn’t diagnosed until 2013. She went on disability due to her condition. She has widespread pain throughout her body, doesn't sleep well, suffers from high anxiety, brain fog, migraines, poor concentration, and cold sensitivity and poor circulation. M.H. has a history of severe trauma ranging from sexual abuse as a child, neglect, sexual/verbal/physical abuse as an adult, in an abusive domestic relationship which resulted in permanent injuries. People with neck injuries are more than likely to develop fibromyalgia than are those with other types of injuries. (Murphree 2013). She did not see a correlation between her FM and her past. Her diet upon meeting was very minimal, no breakfast, more than 4 sodas per day, no water (except to take a pill), mostly sugar, refined carbs, and high processed foods. Due to her chronic pain she does not exercise and takes on average 12-14 pain killers per day (percot) as well as Ambien or adavan for sleep. She has seen counselors, acupuncturist, physical therapist, medical doctors, and chiropractors with little to no relief. She ends up 1-2 times per year in the emergency room for extreme pain. Her outlook on life is her biggest asset as she has a great disposition, very outgoing and friendly, with a positive mindset.

M.H. is an unfortunate example of when the body can no longer handle the stress it has been holding for years. She endured years of abuse and trauma, and what ended with her body developing FM was her grandparents dying which were the people in her life that cared for her. She reported she has low stress and no depression, yet high anxiety. Her perspective of low stress was skewed based on my observations during our time together. She also stated that she has dealt with all her trauma and it is no longer an issue. The trauma becomes part of the DNA and changes completely how the person sees the world and if they are safe, causing again for the alleviated and exhausted HPA axis and constant flooding of cortisol. M.H. proves the correlation of stress and trauma as a root cause of FM and while working through it her pain drastically decreased. Her eating habits slowly increased to healthier ones. By the end of our time together MH had gone from the max of 12 pain pills a day down to 3. She was able to get sleep that she hadn’t in years. She kicked her soda addiction of up to 8+ a day to zero for over 2 months and going strong. She learned how to cook. She learned how to set boundaries for herself to avoid the stress level from rising. She learned to find alternative techniques to work through the stress and relax through breathing, sleep, meditation, writing, and movement.  It boiled down to replacement and awareness to work through being honest with herself and her body to release the stress aided with diet, herbs, and lifestyle changes.

I believe that the focus should be on alleviating the symptoms where possible and helping sufferers to learn tools to cope better. As with PTSD, patients need to find a way to release the trauma that has taken up storage in their body. Gabor Mate who wrote When the body says no, exploring the stress disease connection said; “If we can look into ourselves with honesty, we can identify the way we need to take care of ourselves. The potential for wholeness for health resides in all of us as does the potential for illness and dis-harmony. Disease is dis-harmony or more accurately it is an expression of an internal dis-harmony. If illness is seen as foreign and external, we may end up waging war against ourselves.”

While working with M.H. I approached lifestyle as a basic pillar of health, as stress and trauma are the basis of my research this is where I spent most of my time. I had to build trust and then be able to be a guide for my client. This was completely individualized to her history and her circumstance, which I approached these in phases. The first being sleep which you can see how important it is above. Then the second phase was the emotion piece. FM individuals would greatly benefit from emotional counseling support to address the root issue and move forward in healing. The third and final piece was working with movement. Movement allows the body to increase blood flow, allow the body to regenerate, to release toxins, to move medication out of the body, and to allow the muscles to strength and the stiffness to decrease. Which is what my client experienced. By the end of our time together my client had this to say.

“I am giggling. I take deep breaths and find my tension releasing, and I feel better!!!  The last time I took a pain pill, was hours ago and I would have taken two ... the old ways. I am willing to try new things. I like the look of the recipes. Thank you! I am learning boundaries and feeling so Zen-like! Ha-ha!

Life is continuing to go up? Soaring like a Phoenix girl!

I will forever be grateful to you, for showing me a different way to look at food and healing. “

It's your time!

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