Energy Healing

Energy healing is a powerful and simple way to release negative blocks, emotions, unprocessed events, and patterns in your life. Helping you to release unresolved emotions and negative beliefs quickly and non-invasive. Over the years I have discovered many powerful tools to help “Get Past Stuck”. With energy healing I provide an individualized plan for each and every person utilizing the best method for your release.

When two or more come together with a conscious and informed intention of healing, healing happens. When subconscious interference to abundance, vitality, and natural rejuvenation are removed, healing happens. When we learn to surrender our limiting beliefs about ourselves and others, healing happens. And when we learn a way of being and a way of living that transforms our lives into a proactive path that manifests our authenticity, healing stays.

Energy healing assessments and work gives my clients the needed information, almost like a health blueprint, with resources to move forward and take action to improve their health and well being in whatever direction, be it holistic, traditional, or a blend of both.

Holistic approach

At Accept Live Love we believe in the power of transformation.




That is why we believe in healing through various modalities like nutritional support, healing through food, energy work, EFT, NLP, ritual work, clearings, emotional counseling, trauma work, and intuitive work.

Gain a fresh perspective on who you are and the patterns at play in your life. Profoundly affect the way your life progresses by understanding what dynamics are at work in your life now and how you can change them to serve you better.

The word “intuition” stems from the Latin word intueri, which mean “to look within.” Looking within and connecting to all aspects of the personal evolution work. I encourage you to prepare for sessions by having questions or areas that you want to discuss in mind. We may engage in a question and answer dialogue where you are seeking guidance about particular issues, or I may help you to access your own intuition.

Personal transformation is a combination of Acceptance in surrendering to our story and our past it doesn’t have to hold the same pain, Living; through living and aligning your inner and outer world you find alignment which leads to Love; in loving life and finding your joy, abundance, and peace.


What does your body need you to know, to release, to allow, to move, to love.

About Amy Kelly

Amy Kelly NC, NLP is a Nutrition Consultant, Emotional Counselor, Energy and Intuitive worker. She received her schooling from Bauman College. She is trained and certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, with a unique gift to read your body and work with energy work to connect to your body to provide support holistically. Learn more about her services or send her a message on her contact form.

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